Meet the Facilitators

"The presenters were very dynamic, engaged, and present with the group. It is wonderful to have you as facilitators model what you are training."    -Workshop Participant

Caprice HollinsCaprice D. Hollins, Psy.D. is a co-founder of Cultures Connecting. She received her doctorate degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in multicultural and community psychology in 1998 and became licensed in Washington State in 2000.  She has over 14 years experience teaching graduate courses, working with historically marginalized populations, researching, studying, and facilitating race related conversations. 

Her experience includes opening and directing the Department of Equity & Race Relations for Seattle Public Schools, where she supported the educational mission of the District to dismantle institutional racism.  Her role included providing guidance and resources to district administrators and staff, facilitating culturally relevant professional development to promote the cultural competence of staff, reviewing School Board policy to ensure equity, promoting best practices around family and community engagement, and screening curriculum for anti bias and multicultural content.
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Ilsa GovanIlsa Govan, M.A., co-founder of Cultures Connecting, has more than twenty years experience as a social justice activist. Ilsa has facilitated, organized and participated in numerous study circles, workshops and conferences across the country. She also worked as an Equity and Race Specialist for Seattle Public Schools, addressing institutional racism in a large organization. She was a founding member of the group WE-ACT (The Work of European Americans as Cultural Teachers), which encouraged white educators to challenge and support each other with cross-cultural interactions. She is deeply invested in examining how her own identity influences her interactions with others, particularly through the lens of privilege and oppression.

Ilsa earned her Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from Western Washington University and her Master's Degree in Bicultural Human Development from Pacific Oaks College Northwest. For her thesis, she spent a year studying effective European American teachers of African American students in three Seattle elementary schools.
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Associates of Cultures Connecting

Anita Morales

Anita Garcia Morales is an independent contractor with Cultures Connecting.
She received her BA and Teaching Degree from the University of Washington.  She taught in Seattle Public Schools for over 20 years and recently retired from a position as the K-12 Social Studies Coach.  The common thread that runs through all that Anita does is her focus on social justice and equity.  In her classroom, Anita honored the gifts children brought and created a safe and nurturing environment that allowed children to take risks, make mistakes and learn.  She is skilled at creating safe and trustworthy spaces for people to reflect on why they came to do the work they do with children and families and how to tap their inner resources to continue to do the hard work that is needed for our children.

Facilitators of Internalized Sexism and White Privilege: A Workshop for White Women (See Ilsa Govan's bio above)

Tilman SmithTilman Smith currently works for Child Care Resources as the Professional Development Project Manager for Seattle Early Education Collaborative, a project that focuses on providing culturally relevant support and enrichment to pre-school children and families impacted by poverty and racism. Previously, she served as Student Service Coordinator and Faculty Member at Pacific Oaks College Northwest, whose mission was to create developmentally, racially, and economically accessible teaching and learning communities for social change. Tilman has degrees from the University of Colorado in History and French; from Pacific Oaks College in Education and Human Development; and has attended colleges in France and Taiwan for language studies.

In 1994, Tilman co-founded ‘White Women Organizing Against Racism’ (WWOAR) which provided anti-racism education and support for white women throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 2004, Tilman joined with local educators to form a new group, WE-ACT. Her work with the Culturally Relevant, Anti-Bias Leadership Project (CR/AB), as well as with the EveryWorkers Movement has added greatly to her understanding of the power dynamics that inform educational constructs throughout the United States. As the mother of two white sons, she continues to do research on the importance of white mothers raising their white sons to be anti-racist.