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Consulting & Coaching

Cultures Connecting provides consulting to help organizations with strategic planning and coaching to support leadership. Below are some examples of the services we offer.

Develop and Support Equity Teams

Establishing an Equity Team provides direction and leadership in culturally relevant professional development, policies, and practices. The Equity Team becomes the lens of the organization and aims to institutionalize change.

Make recommendations to respond to difficult situations

Navigating race relations is challenging work. We can help in responding to tensions between employees or with clients.

Meet with organization leaders to examine and/or create long-term plans for greater equity and inclusion

Support is provided as leaders think through how to strategically implement equity initiatives.

Provide one-on-one leadership coaching

We support leaders of color in effectively navigating organizational change and white people in thinking about the intersection of their privilege with their leadership role.

Examine curriculum and make recommendations

We support schools in using an equity lens to apply to curricula and pedagogy. This can take the form of small group coaching or larger group training. A screening tool is provided to support on-going work internally.

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