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Equity Leaders: 
A Workshop & Networking Opportunity for Those Leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

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Thursday & Friday, February 8th & 9th, 2024
8:30am-12:00pm PT / 11:30am-3:00pm ET

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Now, more than ever, strong equity leaders are needed to guide organizations towards a truly anti-racist culture. Unfortunately, many of these positions are newly created, and those hired are coming in without any clear direction. Equity leaders often feel isolated and can quickly become frustrated or feel overwhelmed. In times of mass uprisings such as what we’re currently seeing in the Movement for Black Lives, everyone may expect you to have simple, quick answers and all the while you are processing your own emotions around the events.

However, if we can come together to collaborate and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, perhaps we can craft an easier path forward. As Paulo Freire said, “We make the road by walking.”

This workshop provides an opportunity for equity leaders to share strategies for organizational change, problem solve some of the challenges they face, and to network. Facilitators Caprice Hollins & Ilsa Govan will share a model of multicultural organizational development and strategies for change we’ve identified
over the past eleven years in our work with hundreds of organizations.

We’d love for you to be part of this community. Our goal is for participants to come away with new tools for this important work as well as supportive partnerships they can lean on for many years to come.


Won’t you join us?

Participants will…

  • Be able to identify stages of multicultural organization development and strategies for moving equity initiatives forward

  • Collaborate with other equity leaders by sharing resources and best thinking around challenges

  • Develop a network of equity leaders for on-going support

Facilitators: Caprice D. Hollins, Psy.D. & Ilsa Govan, M.A.

Location: Virtual

Schedule: 8:30am-12:00pm PT / 11:30am-3:00pm ET

Pricing Information:

  • Low Income or Student (a limited number of tickets are reserved for cash-poor, working-class and student participants): $75

  • Individual (these tickets are for individuals paying for their own attendance): $200

  • Small Nonprofit and Public Sector: $300

  • Medium Nonprofit, Public Sector, and Small For-Profit Companies: $400

  • Large Nonprofit, Public Sector, and Medium For-Profit Companies: $500

  • Large For-Profit Companies: $600

Clock Hours & CEUs:

This workshop has been approved for the following:

  • 6.5 Clock Hours available for Washington State Certificated Teachers. 

  • 6.5 CEUs by the Washington State Chapter, National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors. Our Provider number is #1975-369

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