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Endorsement: Nick Brown for Attorney General

2024 is upon us which means we are in an election year. Nick Brown is running for Attorney General of WA state and Culture Connecting endorses him. Our co-Founder Caprice D. Hollins explains,

"I have known Mr. Brown for many years throughout different career paths. The one thing that remains steady is his commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Thank you Nick for your continued fight for social justice!"

According to his prospectus, which you can view here,

"In 2021 he stepped into the role of U.S. Attorney — for which he was personally nominated by President Joe Biden and made history as the first Black U.S. Attorney to serve in Washington state. As a trailblazer, he was praised for defending civil rights, prosecuting hate crimes, fighting drug cartels, addressing the fentanyl crisis, and tackling violent crime. Nick understands we need to attack the underlying cause of crime, poverty, and homelessness, which is why his work is guided by the belief that we need to invest in affordable housing, enact smart gun control policies, and protect the most vulnerable members of our communities."

Want to learn more or consider donating to his campaign? Visit the Nick Brown for Attorney General website.


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