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The following are resources we have developed or modified for culturally relevant
anti-bias work in schools and other organizations.
They are free for you to download and copy.

This unique calendar was created in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of the diverse cultures represented in our schools and community. It also serves as a tool for providing teachable moments regarding ethnic or cultural diversity -- particularly those dates associated with a continued history of oppression, discrimination or racism.

Goals, worksheets, books, articles, websites & more!

Equity Teams help organizations sustain long-term equity work by identifying priorities, implementing plans, assessing progress, and leading institutional change.

Click the button to learn more about starting or continuing Equity Team work.

Resources written by Co-Founders,
Dr. Caprice D. Hollins, Psy.D. & Ilsa M. Govan, M.A.

The walk through and survey tools were originally designed by Seattle Public Schools to be used in schools, although they could be used as a starting point for other types of organizations. They are all based on Relationships, Relevance, Rigor, and Results
otherwise known as the “4 R’s” of culturally responsive environments.

Commit to 21 days of starting or deepening your antiracism practice with this FREE easy-to-use habit-building tool created by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr and Debby Irving.


Read. Listen. Watch. Notice. Act. Engage. Reflect.

Links We Like

Northwest-based Organizations:

Videos and Interviews
with Dr. Hollins

Imposter Syndrome

Dr. Caprice Hollins


Dr. Hollins sits down with Kahilla to discuss Imposter Syndrome. 

What white people can do to move race conversations forward

Dr. Caprice Hollins | TEDxSeattle


In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Dr. Caprice Hollins explains why we often fail to have productive conversations about race, race relations, and racism in this country. Her talk sheds light on why People of Color and White people take different approaches to these conversations and what White people can do to move race conversations forward. With over twenty years of experience leading and facilitating conversations on race, Dr. Hollins uses current events and daily moments as teaching opportunities about race relations in America today.

Dr. Caprice Hollins on Equipping Students for Change


Dr. Caprice was recently featured in The Seattle School's podcast, text.soul.culture. In the latest episode, Dr. Hollins shares insights from her journey as a graduate student engaging in the work of cross-cultural identity, as well as what is required of her personally to teach her class, Multicultural Perspectives (a requirement for all graduate programs at The Seattle School).

Dr. Caprice Hollins Featured on KNKX


Dr. Caprice was recently interviewed by KNKX
on the importance of identifying implicit racial bias. 

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