• Ilsa Govan

10 Qualities of Culturally Competent Leaders


Culturally competent leaders can come from all levels of an organization or community. While leaders have the responsibility to move their organization towards positive change, it’s important they recognize they are also learning along the way. Becoming culturally competent is a journey not an event and no one person has all the answers. The best leaders are those who are intentional about developing their cultural competence through practice with others and by learning from their mistakes.

Cultures Connecting developed the following list of 10 qualities of culturally competent leaders for our workshop Learning and Leading in a Multicultural World.

1. Learners

No one is ever culturally competent in every way with everyone, no matter how much work they do to grow in their awareness, knowledge, and skills. Culturally competent leaders acknowledge they are learning and are always in the process of becoming more skilled.