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Summer 2018 Newsletter

In this newsletter...

Cultures Connecting Celebrates 10 Years!

Also learn more about resources such as:

Upcoming Cultures Connecting Workshops

A Word on Self Care

A Book Review by Caprice

A Highlighted Training Opportunity


Cultures Connecting is 10 years-old!

Cheers to all of you who have supported us!

In the past 10 years, we have served:

Over 250 Organizations


14,000+ Individuals

Below are a few recent testimonials from our community:


"I am profoundly changed by Cultures Connecting and understanding that I was drowning in white privilege, and yet was somehow totally unaware of it. I see now that my white privilege was purposefully constructed and is preserved just as surely as the institutions that prevent others from accessing the same privilege have been purposefully constructed and preserved. It was easy before to see the barriers and injustices, but it was impossible to see my privilege. I’m starting to learn, and I can’t un-see it now. For instance, when I find myself speeding down the interstate a mere 10 MPH over the limit, I think about how that isn’t much of a risk for me, but for my siblings of color and my undocumented siblings speeding, even minimally, takes on a very different weight.

I have such gratitude in my heart that I don’t have words to express it."

Scott Rice, Volunteer Supervisor & Instructor | Seattle Goodwill

"My trainings with Cultures Connecting have been a foundational touchstone for me in my evolving teaching practice, as I strive to disrupt oppression and be an anti-racist practitioner and person. Specifically, I have used many of the concepts and resources provided, including "Where I'm From" poems, evidence of White privilege (I still use slides that Ilsa gave me years ago), and strategies for talking about race with young children, like picture books. I frequently refer individuals, organizations and institutions to Cultures Connecting as a training resource.

I'm grateful for the work you have done and continue to do! Congrats and THANK YOU!"

Sooz Stahl, Secondary Teacher Education Program | University of Washington College of Education

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