• Ilsa Govan

Prioritizing Justice over Comfort: Afrodisiacs, Please Change Your Costumes Already!

I’m taking a day off!

It was December 27th and I was looking forward to two of my favorite forms of self-care, soaking at Olympus Spa and visiting with my dear friend Jenn. We’d also reserved a room at the Tulalip Casino; a mini-vacation of sorts, halfway between our homes in Seattle and Bellingham.

When we got to the casino, we saw there was a disco cover band playing, The Afrodisiacs. I was super excited because that meant I got to dance up a sweat later, one of my other favorite things to do to relieve stress. I’m pretty sure one day I’ll be like my dad after retirement, dancing to cover bands at different casinos several nights a week.

We got to the bar early, so we saw the band setting up and flirted with the bartender. This was important, because we noticed all of the guys in the band appeared to be White. Yet when they took the stage, they looked like this: