• Caprice D. Hollins

One Way White Leaders Can Express Solidarity in Times of Civil Unrest: Crafting a Strong Statement t

While it is certainly not the only thing that needs to be done in order for change to occur, one way to demonstrate a commitment to anti-racism is for leaders to share a written statement. Messaging to the world where you stand during these times of unrest reminds us that we are not alone in our fight for social justice and communicates that you are willing to be held accountable to taking action. When conveying to your staff, communities, and our country that you stand with Black people in solidarity, consider including the six key elements below.

  1. Acknowledge what you are feeling: Talk about how you are feeling about what has happened. Model vulnerability and be willing to be authentic. How have you allowed what happened to George Floyd and countless others impact you? Are you weeping? Are you angry? Does your heart feel heavy? Do you feel the need to apologize on behalf of Whites who sow hatred? Are you grieving, afraid, scared for Black and Brown people? What do you feel