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What White Nurses Can Do to Help Combat Racism in Nursing
Ilsa Govan is featured in this article on actions White nurses and other healthcare workers can take to work against racism.


Five Ways an Anti-Racist White Caucus Supports Diversity and Inclusion
Ilsa Govan provides insights on the importance of cultivating White people as allies to People of Color within organizations.

Common Expressions of White Privilege and How to Counter Them
came out of our
Train the Trainer workshop. Ilsa Govan and Dr. Caprice Hollins wrote this article to help facilitators with deep conversations about privilege and oppression.

Culturally Competent Leadership, a feature article by Dr. Caprice Hollins, School Administrator, December 2013, page 41-43

In Culturally Responsive Classroom Practices, Ilsa Govan offers practical ideas for modifying curriculum, pedagogy, and classroom management to better engage all students.

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