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Aside from our published book, the ideas, processing tools, and resources that we have created with the below products for purchase are un-copyrighted and open-source. We release any rights that we have and empower you to share, modify, reprint, and improve these products - no permission needed. It is our gift to you.
We believe in the value of the USPS and want to continue to support them. However, due to recent budget cuts to this important government service, we are unable to estimate when you will receive your order. 
If you need your order right away we can arrange to have it shipped to you through other methods at an additional cost. Otherwise, please try to order in advance when possible.
All orders through USPS will be shipped via Registered Mail so we are able to track the order in the instance that your package is delayed or lost.

Inside Out: The Equity Leader’s Guide to Undoing Institutional Racism


Providing a roadmap to workplace and organizational

change, Inside Out is packed with practical tools for

working collectively towards racial justice and dismantling

institutional racism.

This essential guide includes:

  • An adaptive approach to moving race conversations

      forward with authenticity and genuine curiosity

  • Concrete strategies to help unpack the painful legacies

      of power, privilege, and oppression

  • A framework including awareness, knowledge, skills,

      and action/advocacy

  • Key components for engaging effectively, calling people in, bridging the divide, identifying and addressing microaggressions, and guiding difficult interactions

  • Critical cross-cultural skills for facilitators and leaders faced with fears, worries, conflicts, and concerns that surface in PoC and White participants

  • Helpful suggestions for equity leaders trying to find their why and identify their foundational beliefs, as well as tips for practicing self-care to lessen burnout and fatigue

  • How to establish an equity team and bring decision makers on board

  • Checklists, discussion questions, recommended readings, best practices, and many other valuable resources.

Inside Out is written specifically for prospective leaders championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplace. It is a must-read for anyone guiding the challenging work of becoming an anti-racist organization where no one's identity is a barrier to access or opportunity and everyone belongs.

Click here to view an excerpt and here to see the table of contents.

Caprice's Book Image.jpeg

What's Up with White Women?: Unpacking Sexism and White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice


As a white woman, ask yourself: are you upholding

or fighting racism?

What's Up with White Women? is a practical guide

for white women who are interested in becoming

more effective in their cross-cultural, anti-racist practices.

Blending real-life stories, theory, and anti-racism practices

from decades of on-the-ground work, the authors invite white

women to understand their gendered role in systemic racism and their unique opportunity for action. Both frank and compassionate, coverage includes:

  • Stories of white women's experiences with sexism, racism, and white privilege

  • How white women harm BIPOC and ourselves by colluding with systems of oppression

  • Why and how white women often hijack race conversations

  • A powerful six-stage identity development model for self-reflection and growth

  • Guiding questions and practical actions for strengthening anti-racism practices

  • Tools to cultivate genuine partnerships with BIPOC individuals and groups.

White women are positioned in a power hierarchy between white men and BIPOC. It is time for white women to step up and undertake deep reflection on their role in systemic racism and take concrete actions that support equity and justice for all people.

Ilsa book cover.jpeg

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Strategies for Facilitating Conversations on Race


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Strategies for Facilitating Conversations on Race was originally created for our most popular workshop. Designed for facilitators at all levels of experience, this book includes ways to set your workshop up for success before people even walk in the door, basic facilitation tips, specific ideas for engaging in courageous conversations, and strategies for counteracting expressions of white privilege.

"Activities for Trainers"
Flash Drive


This flash drive includes detailed instructions for facilitating our favorite activities about race. Lesson plans, Power Point slides, templates, slideshow quotes, inspirational poems, norms for courageous conversation, videos, books, and other resources are also included.


Hot Buttons

What pushes your Hot Buttons? ​

An engaging activity that gets people talking about microagressions and everyday experiences with bias.

Please note: Our Hot Buttons are custom made-to-order.
Please allow 10 business days for shipment and arrival.

Individual: $2.00

Set of 25: $45.00

Set of 50: $85.00

Custom Facilitator Name Buttons

with Pronouns

Buttons with your name and pronouns now available for Facilitators!

Please note: Our Hot Buttons are custom made-to-order.
Please allow 10 business days for shipment and arrival.

Set of 6: $32.00

"Know Your Why" T-Shirts

Bell Canvas Soft Tri Blend Charcoal Black


Once your order can been purchased, our Office Manager will confirm your requested t-shirt size.

Women's Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Men's Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL



Framework for Cultural Competence Video Download


A special offer available only to our clients.

This hour-long video supports our past and present clients who have brought us in to provide a presentation on the framework for cultural competence. It was created for new hires as a part of the onboarding process so they are aware of the ongoing work your organization is doing to address equity, inclusion, and social justice. The presentation provides a common language and understanding of the work that is needed to effectively engage across cultures and undo systems of oppression. 

Note: Only available for previous clients who have engaged in the Framework for Cultural Competence workshop. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 2.26.11 PM.png

"Framework for Cultural Competence"
Run Time: 1 hour

Foundations of Cultural Competence Video Download


A special offer available only to our clients.

This hour-long video supports our past and present clients who would like new employees to be aware of the ongoing work their organization is doing to address equity, inclusion and social justice. Great for use in your new employee orientation!

The DVD features Ilsa Govan, MA giving our introductory presentation on the framework of cultural competence. Sections include Ilsa's personal Connection to this Work, Where I’m From Poem, Norms for Courageous Conversations, The Framework of Cultural Competence, and a Wrap Up. Slideshow images accompany the lecture. In between sections, participants are invited to make connections to what is shared, and reflect on how it applies to their workplace.

Note: Only available for previous clients who have engaged in the Foundations of Cultural Competence workshop. 

Sample Video: "No Fixing" published April 2019. 


"Foundations of Cultural Competence"
Run Time: 1 hour

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