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"Activities for Trainers" Flash Drive

This flash drive includes detailed instructions for facilitating our favorite activities about race. Lesson plans, Power Point slides, templates, slideshow quotes, inspirational poems, norms for courageous conversation, videos, books, and other resources are also included. Please see below for a detailed list of contents.

The flash drive is a green lanyard with "Cultures Connecting" printed on it. Detach the clip to reveal the USB Type A flash drive.

These resources that we have created are un-copyrighted and open-source. We release any rights that we have and empower you to share, modify, reprint, and improve these products (no permission needed). It is our gift to you. Any questions? Please contact Judy at


Shipping included for one order.


We believe in the value of the USPS and want to continue to support them. However, due to recent budget cuts to this important government service, we are unable to estimate when you will receive your order. If you need your order right away we can arrange to have it shipped to you through other methods at an additional cost. Otherwise, please try to order in advance when possible.


All orders through USPS will be shipped via Registered Mail so we are able to track the order in the instance that your package is delayed or lost.


Most of the content are in MS Word and PowerPoint with a few in Publisher and are editable. A Poems folder is also included (not listed below). 


Agent-Target Activity

Agent-Target Handout

Barnga Activity

Circle Activity

Defining Racism Activity

Discussion Prompts

Final Word Protocal Activity

Give One Up Handout

Hidden Wounds Activity

Hidden Wounds Handout

Horatio Alger Activity

I Am Activity

I Am Handout

Identity May Activity

Jigsaw an Article Activity

Microaggressions Activity

Microaggressions for Agency Handout

Microaggressions org

Microaggressions Schools

Privilege Pie Activity

Racial Socialization Activity

Silent Dialogue Activity

Ten Body Parts Activity

Visual Explorer Activity

Visual Explorer Handout

What's Alive in Me Activity

Where I'm From Poem Handout

Where I'm From For Youth Activity


Norm Card Descriptions

Norm Card Templates

Norm Cards Template PDF


Norms Participant Handout


Cultural Competence

Identity Map

Institutional Privilege


Name Story


Privilege Pie

Where I'm From


Advocacy Quotes

African American Quotes

Children Quotes

Courageous Conversations Quotes

Leadership Quotes

Mixture Quotes

Teacher Quotes



Evaluation Form 1

Evaluation Form 2

Films for Discussion

Reading and Film Resource List

Resources for Talking with Children

Three Types of Racism PDF

White Privilege Article


1-1-1 Reflection Handout

Action Plan

Action Plan Educators

Bingo Activity

Bingo Handout

Bingo Handout Students

Common Ground Activity

Cross the Line Activity

Discussion Prompt Notes

Name Story Activity

Talking about Racism is Dificult

When Did You First Notice Race

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