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We believe in a world based on principles of equity and justice where all people recognize their role as change agents. 

Sunset of downtown Seattle.


We provide provides diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) workshops, keynotes, leadership coaching, and consulting services to organizations committed to racial justice.

Our clients gain new perspectives and skills they can apply in the workplace and beyond. Our presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

All services are offered both in-person and virtually.


Work with large or small groups in finding culturally responsive solutions to issues.


Engage staff in dialogue to identify and address oppression.


Moderate and participate on panel presentations.


Design and implement diversity workshops to meet your needs.


Train trainers to facilitate in their organizations.

Coaching & Consulting

Assist in the development and/or improvement of your organization's Equity Team.


Provide guidance with difficult situations.


Consult with leaders to examine long-term plans for equity and inclusion.


Provide one-on-one leadership coaching.


Interactive and tailored to fit your conference or event.

Incorporate storytelling, humor, and vulnerability to personally connect with the audience.

Inspire large groups to increase their understanding of race and social justice.

Varies from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

“Cultures Connecting has been instrumental in helping our Race and Social Justice Committee successfully address challenging situations as we focus our mission within the Seattle Housing Authority’s Community Service Division. They led our committee volunteers through a strategic planning process in which we created a clear plan of action as well as a more productive committee process. As one of the volunteer co-facilitators of our Race and Social Justice Committee, I greatly appreciate the ongoing guidance and support through the difficult work of social change within a large organization.”

Joy Bryngelson, MSW
Community Builder, Seattle Housing Authority

Upcoming Workshops

Train the Trainer workshop details

Train the Trainer

Strategies for Facilitating Courageous Conversations on Race

Register for our next virtual workshop Train the Trainer: Strategies for Facilitating Courageous Conversations on Race on August 14-16th at 8:30-12:00 PST.


Through engaging and interactive exercises, participants learn strategies and tips on how to successfully present sensitive information to a wide audience of learners. You will develop skills to take difficult conversations about race, privilege, and power to a deeper level and learn strategies for working with resistance.


Participants will…

  1. Gain tips for creating a welcoming environment.

  2. Learn ways to establish credibility and build relationships with participants.

  3. Identify your own triggers and learn strategies to engage people when they are triggered.

  4. Develop skills for handling common pitfalls and resistance.

  5. Improve your ability to address cultural tensions and conflict.

  6. Notice and address common expressions of white privilege in workshop dynamics.


And so much more! Sign up today by clicking the button below!

Our Team

Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to Cultures Connecting. If you would like to speak with someone from our team regarding scheduling a workshop, training, or keynote for your organization, please complete the following information to help us gain a better sense of your audience and needs. This will enable us to assess who might be the best fit to work with you. Typically after completing the form, you will be contacted in a few days.

You can also contact either Caprice at or Ilsa at directly. Please choose one form of communication with our team.


 If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, please do so at the bottom of the page. We look forward to connecting! 

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Cultures Connecting is committed to dismantling ableism and work to make our offerings, including workshops and our website, accessible to everyone. We invite feedback and suggestions to make our offerings more accessible for all users. Please reach out to Judy Lee with any concerns or ideas regarding accessibility at or (385) 422-3490.

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