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My Name Story Exhibition Opens in Honor of AANHPI Heritage Month.

name story details and picture of Asian woman holding a photo of her younger self

Judy Lee, our Projects Manager, is an artist and will be premiering an art exhibition on her project My Name Story in honor of Asian American Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month.

My Name Story is a portrait-video project that examines the AANHPI experience through the lens of names at the intersection of race, gender and class. This project explores themes of identity, belonging, and reclamation in a country that oftentimes labels AANHPIs as the other and perpetual foreigner.

In addition to My Name Story project, the exhibition will also feature the name stories from the greater Seattle community, as well as a curated art show by other artists.

The show will open during Pioneer Square Artwalk and be exhibiting for all of May. There will be special community events weekly throughout the month including a Story Sharing Circle, Workshop, and AANHPI Market Day.

  • 5/02: Opening Reception @5-8pm

  • 5/11: Storysharing Circle @1-3pm

  • 5/18: Workshop (TBA)

  • 5/25: AANHPI Market Day (TBA)

  • 5/30: Closing Reception + Panel Discussion @5-8pm

The exhibition will be at Nino Studio in Pioneer Square at 316 1st Ave, Seattle. If you have questions, please reach out to Judy at


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