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Dr. Caprice Hollins on The Ladies Who Lead Podcast

Caprice Hollins headshot with The Ladies Who Lead logo

Our co-founder Dr. Caprice Hollins was a featured guest on The Ladies Who Lead Podcast with SK Vaughn.

In this episode, Dr. Caprice Hollins gives us an insightful conversation on race relations and personal growth. Dr. Hollins, a seasoned psychologist and educator, shares her journey from racial awakening to empowering others to dismantle institutional racism. Born into a racially diverse family, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's privilege and biases. She highlights the need for authentic conversations about race, urging listeners to listen, believe, and ask questions with genuine curiosity.

Dr. Hollins defines success as finding balance in critical, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of life. Her work at Cultures Connecting focuses on providing tools and strategies for individuals and organizations to engage effectively across different cultures. Dr. Hollins's story serves as a powerful reminder to embrace one's identity and walk in the world with confidence and peace.


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