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Hispanic Heritage Month Starts Today

National Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15 and celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of Americans of Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean and Central and South American ancestry.

To celebrate this diverse community, we are highlighting two organizations in the greater Seattle area serving the Latine community:

El Central De La Raza - Translated to "The Center for People of All Races," this organization is a voice and hub for the Latino/a community in King County. Their mission is to build a beloved community unifying all racial and economic sectors; to organize, empower, and defend the basic human rights of our most vulnerable and marginalized populations; and to bring critical consciousness, justice, dignity, and equity to all the peoples of the world.

Casa Latina - Their goal is to help break the cycle of poverty within the Latino immigrant communities by helping women and men become economically independent. They offer job dispatch for day laborers and domestic workers to help meet their immediate financial needs.

The phrase "Hispanic" is not without controversy because it's a broad term that artificially categorizes together the complex identities of millions of people. Alternative phrases commonly used are Latino/a/, Latinx, and Latine. Want to read more? Here are some articles to get your started:

Don't want to miss important dates? Be sure to download our Diversity Calendar for 2023-2024.


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