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Ilsa Govan on The Sparking Entrepreneur Podcast

Podcast cover with Ilsa Govan and Kiran Agrahar.

Ilsa Govan, co-founder of Cultures Connecting, shares her 15-year entrepreneurial journey with host Kiran Agrahar on The Sparking Entrepreneur podcast. The consultancy firm, with clients ranging from government sectors to corporate giants like Amazon and Facebook, practices their racial equity values in everything they do. Govan emphasizes the rewarding impact of their work, noting instances where clients have expressed gratitude by saying, "You changed my life."

She discusses the books she co-authored, What's Up with White Women: Unpacking Sexism and White Privilege with Tilman Smith, and the work on the 2nd edition of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Strategies for Facilitating Conversations on Race with Caprice Hollins. She sheds light on the common misconception that organizations like Cultures Connecting aim to shame or blame, highlighting their unique approach centered around humor and fostering genuine connections. 

The podcast provides valuable insights into Govan's passion for creating positive change, dispelling myths around diversity, equity, and inclusion work. As she shares practical steps and resources, the episode leaves the audience inspired to embark on their own journeys toward understanding and promoting a more inclusive society.


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