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Inside Out Receives Living Now Book Awards

We are excited to announce that Dr. Caprice Hollins, our co-Founder, is the recipient of the Living Now Book Awards. Inside Out: The Equity Leader's Guide to Undoing Institutional Racism has won Silver in the 2023 Living Now Book Awards in the Social Activism/Charity category. In addition to this award, Inside Out is also a Finalist in the 2023 International Book Awards in the Social Change category and receipient of the Literary Lions Award.

Providing a roadmap to workplace and organizational change, Inside Out is packed with practical tools for working collectively towards racial justice and dismantling institutional racism.

This essential guide includes:​

  • An adaptive approach to moving race conversations forward with authenticity and genuine curiosity

  • Concrete strategies to help unpack the painful legacies of power, privilege, and oppression

  • A framework including awareness, knowledge, skills, and action/advocacy

  • Key components for engaging effectively, calling people in, bridging the divide, identifying and addressing microaggressions, and guiding difficult interactions

  • Critical cross-cultural skills for facilitators and leaders faced with fears, worries, conflicts, and concerns that surface in PoC and White participants

  • Helpful suggestions for equity leaders trying to find their why and identify their foundational beliefs, as well as tips for practicing self-care to lessen burnout and fatigue

  • How to establish an equity team and bring decision makers on board

  • Checklists, discussion questions, recommended readings, best practices, and many other valuable resources.

Inside Out is written specifically for prospective leaders championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplace. It is a must-read for anyone guiding the challenging work of becoming an anti-racist organization where no one's identity is a barrier to access or opportunity and everyone belongs.

Congratulations to Caprice! To order your copy, visit: New Society Publishers or Amazon.


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