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New Workshops by Dr. J.P. Anderson

We are excited to share three new offerings from Dr. J.P. Anderson! The workshops are:

Pushback, Roll Back, and Pay Back

Why Some People Want to See DEIB Canceled and Why DEIB Matters More than Ever

This workshop examines and analyzes the nationwide movement to extinguish DEIB services in schools, government, and workplaces in post-pandemic America. We look at the roots of the anti-DEIB movement and the tactics it employs to malign and delegitimize DEIB efforts. We then consider strategies to counter these dishonest tactics and continue making America a more inclusive and just society.

Pulled Over!

Why Racial Profiling Continues to Drive Us Apart

People may think that racial profiling is a problem of “bad apples” in police departments. However, recent social science research suggests that the issue is far more complex and entrenched than many might think. This workshop provides an overview of racial profiling and looks at its several causes. We then cover the basics of the legal and Constitutional provisions that exist to protect people from unreasonable police behavior, including racial discrimination. We end with a discussion of how we might effectively address racial profiling in our communities.

Is Racism Natural?

Myths of Racism Series

Part of a series addressing the many myths connected to racism, this interactive workshop considers the belief that racism is a part of human nature. Through discussion and activities, we will analyze the roll of unconscious racial bias and the media in reinforcing the belief that racism, though unfortunate, is inevitable. We then consider the social impacts of this belief and how to compassionately challenge this belief when we encounter it in others.

Would you or your organization benefit from these workshops? Reach out to Judy at or complete our contact form below.


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