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Caprice Hollins on Closer Look with Rose Scott

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Our co-founder Dr. Caprice Hollins was interviewed on Closer Look by Rose Scott for WABE 90.1, Atlanta's NPR station.

Host Rose Scott discusses the topic of institutional racism with Dr. Hollins, author of Inside Out: The Equity Leader's Guide to Undoing Institutional Racism. They delve into the definition of institutional racism and its presence in the workplace, referencing a 2021 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management that highlights disparities in treatment and pay based on race.

Dr. Hollins describes institutional racism as the combination of prejudices, stereotypes, and social power within institutions that perpetuate racial disparities. They discuss the challenges faced by organizations in addressing these issues, particularly in the wake of social movements like the one following George Floyd's death.

They emphasize the importance of self-assessment and self-awareness for leaders and individuals in recognizing their own biases and privileges. Dr. Hollins suggests that organizations should approach the issue as a journey rather than an event, focusing on personal growth and understanding the complexity of the problem.

Dr. Hollins also points out that diversity alone doesn't guarantee inclusivity or belonging in an organization. She suggests that results should not be solely measured quantitatively but also qualitatively by looking for indicators of change, such as a shift in individuals' behavior and willingness to engage in conversations about diversity and inclusion.

The interview concludes with a mention of Dr. Hollins' book, Inside Out, which provides guidance and insights for leaders and organizations seeking to address institutional racism.

The interview highlights the importance of addressing institutional racism, the need for self-awareness, and the ongoing journey required to create more equitable and inclusive workplaces.


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