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Honoring the Past and Building the Future with Cultur X

"The world started to show that this is really needed...what's happening across the country, trying to covertly just kind of remove [Black] history that happened and wash over it and it was like, no. it's our history. It's our responsibility to tell ourselves what happened, where we were at, where we're at presently, and where we can go...The mission essentially is honor the past, build the future, create legacy. "

In celebration of Black History Month, we are bringing you an interview with Ché and Brea Davis, co-founders of Cultur X, conducted by Jerod Grant, former Cultures Connecting consultant.

Cultur X is a social impact fashion brand pushing Black culture forward. They do this by embedding QR Codes in their designs that link people with the stories of Black cultural icons and legends, with the goal of fostering a strong sense of identity and pride among its wearers. Ché sees Cultur X as a movement, aiming to inspire action by weaving storytelling, history, and social impact into every piece.

Watch the interview below to hear the inspiring story of Cultur X's origin.


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