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June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month & Caribbean American Heritage Month!

lgbtq+ pride month rainbow and caribbean American heritage month medallion

We have two reasons to celebrate June with LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and Caribbean American Heritage Month.

Pride Month began in 1969 with the Stonewall Riots, followed by the first gay pride parade in New York City on the anniversary of the Riots in 1970. In 2000, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month was formally established by our government, with a more inclusive name chosen in 2009. The Stonewall Riots is commemorated on June 28th of this month as International LGBTQ+ Pride Day (see Diversity Calendar dates below).

Caribbean American Heritage Month was established in 2006 to honor the contributions of Caribbean Americans throughout history and culture. June was specifically chosen to honor the first documented Caribbean immigrants to arrive to the U.S. on June 2, 1898. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, 90% of people of Caribbean heritage originate from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, and Tobago.

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