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Newsletter: April 2024 Issue 1

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April is Celebrate Diversity, Arab American Heritage & Autism Awareness Month

New workshop list

There are many things to celebrate this month aside from the longer and warmer days. April is Celebrate Diversity, Arab American Heritage, and Autism Awareness (Acceptance) Month. Since we are recognizing three occasions this month and there are lots of resources, we've put together a blog article with a bit of information about how each occasion started, as well as resources to educate yourself and learn about about ways to celebrate in your workplace, schools, and beyond.


Join us to Unpack Sexism and White Privilege Over Lunch

Women's History Month and Developmental Disability Awareness

Co-authors Ilsa Govan and Tilman Smith of What’s Up with White Women? Unpacking Sexism and White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice are offering a lunch and learn series next month. Although centering on white women as our audience, all people are welcome to attend. You are invited to register for one, more, or all four. The book is not required to attend. Workshops are $25 per session.

  • May 3rd: It’s All Too Much: Overcoming White Racial Fatigue in the Era of Authoritarianism and Climate Change

  • May 10th: The Role of Goodness in Anti-Racism Practice

  • May 24th: Leading While White

  • May 31st: Navigating Ambiguity When Taking a Stand

Visit the link below to learn more about each session and to register.


Caprice Hollins on DiversifyHER Podcast

Our co-founder Dr. Caprice Hollins was a featured guest on episode 35 of the DiversifyHER podcast with host Raven Heyward.

In this episode, Dr. Hollins discusses her journey and strategies for effective cross-cultural engagement, emphasizing the importance of personal awareness and self-care in advancing race conversations.


An Interview with Hank Olguin on Combatting Latine Stereotypes in the Media

"I could have stayed in the voice business and probably been a little richer than I am today. But I just began thinking, I want to try and make a difference. I want to try and put my talents to work."

In 1959, Hank Olguin and Joe Kapp were star athletes who took their team, the California Golden Bears, to the Rose Bowl. It was rare to have players of Mexican heritage, which they both were, on the field at that time. Hence, Hank decided to title his book Who Let the Mexicans Play in the Rose Bowl: Navigating the Racial Landscape of America

Judy Lee, our Projects Manager, recently sat down with Hank Olguin to take about his lifelong dedication to combatting harmful stereotypes of Latine people in the media. Spanning more than a half century career beginning with the Rose Bowl, to voice acting, and eventually to advertising, Hank shared how and why he became involved in this work. Visit the link below to read the full interview to learn about his fascinating life.

To inquire about hiring him for speaking engagements, you can reach him at


April Diversity Calendar Dates!

It's the first of the month which means looking at the dates from our Diversity Calendar. Want your own copy of the calendar? You can download it here.

  • 11-10: Ramadan (Islamic) (March 11-April 10)

  • 02: World Autism Awareness Day (International)

  • 06: National Tartan Day (Scottish American)

  • 06: Laylat al-Qadr (Islamic)

  • 9-10: Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) (Islamic)

  • 12: National Day of Silence (LGBTQ+ & Allies)

  • 13: Vaisakhi (Sikh)

  • 14-16: Bun Pi Mai (New Year) (Laotian)

  • 14-16: Cambodian New Year

  • 17: Ramanavami (Hindu)

  • 20-21: First Day of Ridván (Bahá'i)

  • 21: Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance) (Jewish)

  • 22-30: Passover (Pesach) (Jewish)

  • 24-30: Holy Week (Christian)

  • 29: Ninth Day of Ridván (Bahá'i)

  • 30: Día de los Niños (Mexican)


Social Justice DEIB Calendar with calendar and pencil

Upcoming DEIB/Social Justice Events

For details on these and other events, workshops and conferences, visit our Events Calendar. If you have an event you would like us to share, please reach out to us!

  • 02: People+Culture: Elevate Your Workplace Practices

  • 02: NAMI BIPOC Support Group

  • 03: SpeakOut From the Heart with Alex Locust

  • 04: White Women in Nonprofit Cohort

  • 04: NAME LGBTQ+ Support Group

  • 06: Asia Pacific Cultures Center: Khmer New Year

  • 06: 90s Vibe Book Drive: Children's Books

  • 07: Breaking White Silence: Working for White Racial Literacy and Racial Justice

  • 11: Pacific Lutheran University: The People's Gathering Conference

  • 11: Debby Irving: Transformational Conversations

  • 11: CARW: Monthly Connection Circle

  • 14: Conservative Cross-State Organizing: Lessons for Progressive Power Building

...and more!


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