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We Support the Seattle Solidarity Budget

We support the 2024 Seattle Solidarity Budget which demands the City of Seattle provide its residents with basic guarantees that provide a base standard of living and quality of life for all people. Their advocacy will focus on achieving universal, accessible, and decommodified services by demanding the following guarantees: basic income, housing, health, transportation, communication, climate action and resilience, care, food, and living wage guarantees.

The statement on the Solidary Budget website explains:

Right now, with at least 32% of our city’s general fund going towards criminalization and punishment, the only guarantee is that Seattle’s most marginalized and vulnerable residents lack the resources needed to survive. Our city’s current budget allocations guarantee continued suffering in the form of sweeps of our unhoused neighbors, and repeated arrests, court dates, and nights in the deadly King County Jail for Black and brown communities, queer and trans folks, people with disabilities, and poor people in general.

We believe true safety comes from guaranteeing that people’s material needs are met. Every person in Seattle should have what they need to survive and thrive. We reject a system that sorts people into categories of deserving and undeserving and assigns resources accordingly. We reject eligibility requirements for essential goods and services that require people to prove they’re deserving of what they need to live and are used to criminalize and exclude the people most in need. We reject the use of the criminal legal system as an entry point to meeting basic needs. Instead, we call for a city budget that guarantees our collective well-being without conditions. Our budget advocacy will focus on fighting to win the Solidarity Guarantees. We will evaluate any proposed budgets on how much closer they get us to achieving universal, accessible, and decommodified services.

There will be a kick-off event on Saturday, 9/9 at 1:00-4:00pm at Rainier Playfield. To learn more about this effort visit their website.


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