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Newsletter: May 2024 Issue 2

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Unpacking Sexism & White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice Workshop in June

unpacking sexism course title with details

We are excited to announce dates for our next workshop, Unpacking Sexism & White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice on June 20-21st. This will be an in-person 2-day workshop at Treehouse.

In this 2-day workshop:

  • We use a developmental model to examine how our identities change as we grow in our understanding of personal and institutional oppression.

  • We will use highly interactive methods including reflective writing, video clips, small group conversations, and storytelling to take a deeper look into our learned patterns of behavior. Recognizing these patterns with compassion rather than shame helps us name and practice strategies to better collaborate in multicultural settings.

  • We will co-create a community where our spirits are renewed and our commitment to social justice is strengthened.

Want to learn more and register? Visit the link below!


Last 2 Sessions of Unpacking Sexism & White Privilege over Lunch

what's up with white women book cover and workshop dates and titles

"This was the FIRST time I've been in a conversation like this with other white women - the vulnerability and ACCOUNTABILITY and honesty was so illuminating!...I learned that there is a way to engage that has a much better outcome."

We are halfway through our What's Up with White Women Lunch and Learn series and the feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. We are taking a break this week but will return next week with the session "Leading While White," followed by "Navigating Ambiguity When Taking a Stand."

Watch the videos below to hear facilitators Ilsa Govan and Tilman Smith talk about the topics covered in these sessions.

Each hour-long session is virtual and $25 each. Visit the link below to learn more about each session and to register!


My Name Story Exhibition on King5!

Judy Lee, our Projects Manager, is currently having an art exhibition called My Name Story in Pioneer Square. The exhibit shares the stories of the AANHPI experience through the lens of their names to explore themes of race, gender, and belonging in America.

New Day Northwest on King5 recently aired a story about the show. Watch the video below to learn more about the exhibition!

The exhibition runs through the month of May in honor of AANHPI Heritage Month at Nino Studio at 316 1st Ave. S in Pioneer Square in Seattle. Weekly events will run throughout the month:

  • 5/18 @1-3pm: Guided Meditation Workshop (get tickets here)

  • 5/15 @1-4pm: AANHPI Market Day + Scavenger Hunt

  • 5/30 @5-8pm: Closing Reception: Short Documentary Screening about the project with Q&A + Panel Discussion + Live Acoustic Set by lead singers of LaFonda.

All events are free except the workshop which offers sliding scale tickets, with a portion of sales benefiting Make Us Visible WA. Sales from Market Day will also benefit the organization. For questions, email Judy at


An Interview with Tiffany Lee on Her Aunt Grace Lee Boggs

tiffany lee and old grace lee boggs picture with title

In honor of AANHPI Heritage Month, we are bringing you this interview with Tiffany Lee, niece of social justice activist Grace Lee Boggs.

Grace Lee Boggs was an influential social justice activist and organizer who, with her partner James Boggs, tackled issues of civil rights, economic justice, labor, feminism, and more. Born in 1915 and earning her Ph.D. in 1940, she authored several books and started Detroit Summer with her partner, which was eventually established as the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center To Nurture Community Leadership.

While Grace was well known in the social justice sphere, Tiffany didn’t really understand the breadth of her aunt’s work until she was much older. Instead, she just saw Grace as the aunt her single dad frequently relied on for advice and occasional financial assistance. “Do you know how your Aunt Grace, my sister Grace, is a pretty important civil rights leader?,” she remembers her dad asking, “I think I was in high school and I rolled my eyes as a teenager.”

To read the full interview on our blog, visit the link below.

Social Justice DEIB Calendar with calendar and pencil

Upcoming DEIB/Social Justice Events

For details on these and other events, workshops, and conferences happening in the social justice space, visit our Events Calendar. If you have an event you would like us to share, please reach out to us!

  • 5/15: Transformational Conversations: Moving from Fear to Curiosity

  • 5/15: Rethinking Schools: Teach Palestine

  • 5/15: The Tender Work: Acknowledging White Responsibility in a Racialized World

  • 5/16: SURJ Abolition Action Hour

  • 5/16: Community-Driven Planning, Power & Local Government

  • 5/16: NAMI LGBTQ+ Support Group

  • 5/18: Youth Climate Justice Trainings

  • 5/18: My Name Story Exhibition Guided Meditation Workshop

  • 5/18: The Circle: Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration

  • 5/18: Columbia City Night Market

  • 5/19: AANHPI Family Book Event

  • 5/19: Being White Today: The Audiobook & Paperback Launch

  • 5/19: Aware LA: Third Sunday Dialogue

  • 5/21: NAMI BIPOC Support Group

  • 5/22: How to Politic-Proof Your Organization's DEI Strategy

  • 5/23: Navigating Conversations on Racial Justice with Your Funders, Community Members, & Colleagues for White Allies in the Nonprofit Sector

  • 5/24: What's Up with White Women: Leading White White

  • 5/25: My Name Story Exhibition Market Day

  • 5/25: Aware-LA Fourth Saturday Dialogue

  • 5/26: 25-Mile March for Peace and Liberation in Gaza

  • 5/28: The Equity Consortium Virtual Listening Circle: Standardizing Equitable Complaint Systems

  • 5/30: My Name Story Closing Reception

  • 5/30: Working with the Live Wire of Oppression Virtual Introduction

  • 5/31: What's Up with White Women: Navigating Ambiguity when Taking a Stand

...and more!


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