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Our 2023-2024 Diversity Calendar is Here!

Do you subscribe to our newsletter? If so, you'll know that we recently released our Diversity Calendar for the 2023-2024 calendar year. Unlike previous calenders which featured a text list format, we've completely redesigned the calendar to present significant cultural dates visually for easier access.

The purpose of this calendar is to address and support the diversity of students, staff, and families in K-12 education settings and beyond. We recognize that by increasing our understanding of diverse cultures, group experiences, traditions, values and beliefs, we can enhance our relationships with one another and hence, create culturally responsive environments where everyone feels valued and respected.

Due to the extensive number of cultural holidays, dates for this calendar were determined by the following four criteria:

  1. Might a student or staff member be absent as a result of this day?

  2. Might a student or staff member be disengaged as a result of this day (e.g., hunger or a negative association with a particular day/date such as Thanksgiving, or a day of remembrance of a tragic event)?

  3. Might a student, family, or staff member not be able to participate in a school activity during or after school as a result of this day? (e.g., Many of our students do not participate in Halloween or Valentine’s Day. There are students, families, and staff who cannot participate in district/school events that are scheduled on the evening of an important religious day observed by the Jewish and Muslim communities).

  4. Does the day provide an opportunity for a teachable moment regarding ethnic or cultural diversity that might not otherwise be discussed, particularly dates associated with a continued history of oppression, discrimination, or racism?

We ask for your patience in the event that we have missed important dates that apply to the four criteria above. This was an enormous task taken on by a handful of individuals of good will and intention. If you know of additional cultural holidays that meet the above criteria, or would like to offer suggestions for appropriate websites, books, or other resources that can be used to improve this calendar, please contact: Judy Lee at

If you would like to download the calendar, you can do so by clicking on the button below or visit our Resources page!


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