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A Brief Interview with Dr. Pamela Taylor of The Circle Works

The Circle Works provide social justice-based training, consultation, and coaching services that are grounded in research and evidence-based practices for bringing about peace and harmony between individuals and within organizations and communities. Their practices utilize the peacemaking circle process, theories of nonviolence, and other restorative practices to bring about peace and resolve conflicts.

The peacemaking circle is one of the oldest restorative practices utilized by humankind. As an ancient technology it can be most simply described as a community-based process that addresses the concerns of all interested parties. It has been adapted to modern circumstances wherein people are encouraged to speak from the heart, and together to identify and agree upon the steps necessary for healing the relationships harmed by discord. The peacemaking circle process assist individuals, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, community groups, non-profit and governmental agencies, faith-based communities, and others by utilizing restorative and transformative processes for problem-solving, conflict resolution, peace-building, team and community building, strategic planning, leadership development, racial healing, and racial equity analysis.

Dr. Pamela Taylor is the primary peacemaker at The Circle Works. In 2012, she formally reconnected with the traditions circle work by joining the Peacemaking and Healing Circle Initiative with the Center for Ethical Leadership, as a consulting affiliate. Since then, she has enjoyed keeping innumerable circles and facilitating workshops on topics related to social justice, leadership, and racial healing. The 21st century is calling for a reckoning of racial discord which demands for use of peacemaking circles for racial healing.

Peacemaking circles are a different way of talking about race/ism that is relational, preemptive, and proactive. The circle process taps into both ancient wisdoms and modern processes to create trust and belonging. Healing race/ism is the only way to restore us to our full humanity. Peacemaking Circles provide the space for transforming relationships with oneself and others. The circle brings us together to share our individual truths, history, and stories. A healing circle’s purpose is to reaffirm the humanity in all of us. And, to lift what unites us rather than what divides us; while discovering, respecting, and honoring the unique experiences of each person. Very simply put, the circle inspires human connections through creating and curating stories that heal.

For more information about peacemaking circles contact Dr. Pamela Taylor, at or


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